Also the subject of controversy, the table of medical exclusions is being renewed and adapted to the reality in which we live. This table of exclusions dates from the Order of January 11, 1988 and was made exclusively for the national police, although the Civil Guard and the opposition for prison officials also took it for themselves. In a first modification approach, diseases such as HIV, diabetes, celiac disease or people with psoriasis are already accepted.

It is foreseen, with all logic, that many more pathologies will change that would not impede the police function in any way. We are going to make an analysis of the possible future changes in the table of exclusions.

1- Size – It will be modified in 1m65 for men and 1m60 for women.

2- Uncorrected visual acuity less than two thirds of normal vision, a defect that today would have to be erased, since science advances and with simple contact lenses or an operation the problem is corrected.

3- Hearing and hearing: Hearing acuity that supposes a loss between 1000 and 3000 hz at 35 dB or 4000 hz at 45.- Again, advances in science are key to correcting this “defect”, and with a simple hearing aid you would have That should be enough, there are even invisible in-ear hearing aids. On the other hand, the hearing range would have to be established at normal speech levels, in conversational areas that comprise the frequencies of 500, 1000 and 2000, with the frequency 3000 being a frequency that no otolaryngologist uses since it is not relevant. Bone and air conduction thresholds would also have to be taken into account. A person with a loss of 50db in 4000 and everything else correct should not be ruled out by a simple high pitched sound, there are other more reliable measurement parameters.

4- The IMC would also have to not be an impediment and notify the opponent to correct that deficiency or he could be excluded from the selection process, but the opponent must be given an opportunity.

In short, this second approach is urgent in the table of exclusions and others that you can comment on here and explain your reasons.

National police oppositions

THE PHYSICAL TESTS The physical tests have been the subject of no more than one controversy throughout these last calls. We are going to focus on this type of controversy and on the keys to be able to overcome them without problems. First of all, say that until three years ago


The physical tests have been the subject of no more than one controversy throughout these last calls. We are going to focus on this type of controversy and on the keys to be able to overcome them without problems. First of all, say that until three years ago the tests that were required were 4, now they are train but with greater demands in terms of brands, you can take it After taking a look at the BOE and checking what times and pull-ups are required, the Training Division decided to withdraw the jump test as it was not entirely objective.

To access the national police there are now three tests, the agility circuit that for three years has increased by half a meter on each side sparked all kinds of debates against it, that if the track slipped, that if people threw substances on the shoes to hold more to the ground, than if the judge set or stopped the timer when he did not touch. The track is a little slippery, but that is not enough to get less marks than you usually get in training, any training track can be slippery, you have to keep in mind, the ideal is not to think about it and do what we have been doing practicing in our sessions.

The second test, the pull-ups, did generate all kinds of criticism from the opponents towards the judges, who use very rigid criteria such as the total extension of the arms, so that when you get down and then go up, do not do it very quickly. Another controversy aroused the movement of the legs or some part of the body in both the boys and the girls, remember that the girls have to remain suspended motionless on the bar with their faces sticking out above the bar, they cannot move the legs or any part of the body, only the arms are used, so we recommend doing it this way to avoid not being counted. On the other hand, you have to stick your chin above the bar, as indicated by the BOE, and that would be enough if we follow the Bulletin, but there are judges who require sticking up to the neck. I would not risk it and I would train the pull-ups strictly and have someone tell you if you move your legs or not when you go up.

In the last test, the 1000 meters, if there can be neither cheating nor cardboard, we would say that doing it in Avila may cost a little more since, being one of the largest cities in Spain, less air arrives, but this has not been fully demonstrated either. , the time you do in your training should be the time you do in Avila.

In conclusion, the physical tests are gained during the training that you do throughout the year, the grades you get there will be the ones you have in Avila, although the nerves factor can play against us, this should not be the usual.

Specific preparation for the basic and executive English test of the National Police


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