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We offer a direct and specific preparation for the test, that is, the student is provided with the same material or the same type of exercise that they will find on the day of the exam. We will provide you with 2 weekly exams with the same number of questions and with a similar rating. It must be taken into account that, depending on the year, the assessment of each question may be different and even the type of exercise. In recent years, both the exam model between 25 and 30 items and the time allotted have changed, with a significant reduction from 40 to only 20 minutes and with a penalty for a wrong answer, although we prepare all kinds of exam possibilities.

The weekly exams will be B1 and B2 level tests adapted to the specific requirements of the public exam, as the BOE says in terms of level, there will be some easier texts and others more complicated. We also emphasize phonetics, since although the last 7 exams of the different calls did not deal with this, it must not be forgotten at all since it could reappear.

Following this rhythm and up to the day of the test, the student can easily have taken about 80 exams with their corresponding increase in vocabulary and with the habituality of having done them so many times that by the time we get to the written exercise we know how to do it and can bid for a high note, key to the final half of the opposition. Our goal is for you to pass the written exams with a frequency of almost 100%. Once this is achieved, you are more than prepared to face the test, which you must remember that has the same assessment as the practical and theoretical case studies.

As for the oral, our way of dealing with it is based on oral sessions of two types:

  • a) Oral English interview, with the aim of knowing how to answer the questions that the Selection Committee will ask us about our personal matters and in general..
  • b) >b>CNP specific English interview, with the objective that we know how to answer questions that have to do with the police sphere and that the Committee can ask you together with the presentation of a topic proposed by the court in a monologue plan for about 5 minutes and with the corresponding feedback. Therefore, we will practice current affairs and analysis of general photos and police units..

  • In both sessions you will be informed of what you should not do or say, how you have to structure your presentation on the topic, how you have to answer the questions, how you have to read the text or comment on the photo that is proposed to you, in the case that they propose it (this year both reading and analysis of a photo have NOT appeared in the official exam). The class will be via Skype the student together with one of our teachers, they are PERSONALIZED classes since this year they have had to do so in the official exam.

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